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2022 InnoVets Business Expo & Pitch Competition
presented by Hanscom Federal Credit Union

  • When

    Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 5:00 PM

  • Where

    101 Seaport Blvd, Boston

  • Application Deadline

    Applications are due by 11:59 PM on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

Join InnoVets and Massachusetts Fallen Heroes in celebrating our Veteran and Gold Star Family business in New England at our InnoVets Business Expo, and get to know the many local veteran and Gold Star Family companies. Each business has a booth to showcase their practice, speak about their products, and help cultivate future development and growth within the Boston Innovation Community.

Each Pitch Competition candidate will have 15 minutes to address the public and give a compelling pitch for how we can help them continue to grow and thrive. That will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session with our judges. Registered attendees will receive a handful of InnoVets bucks with which they can vote for their favorites. The most voted-for businesses will leave with some well-earned seed funding for their business.

Attend the InnoVets Business Expo & Pitch Competition

2019 Winners Pitch Competition Winners

UPROOT is a military-focused home equity solution and marketplace. We remove the current inefficiencies, risks and hassle that exists in the real estate market which limits the appetite and opportunity to profit from homeownership when people are frequently “uprooted” because of their service. We expand homeownership opportunities and access to financial security by creating a mortgage market for short-term homeowners.

When a servicemember gets orders to PCS from their current duty station, they will call UPROOT. We take the place of a traditional real estate agent and find an incoming military buyer, and then mediate a loan assumption between the two parties. The incoming member moves in with an UPROOT cash offer that is guaranteed when he moves out at the end of their tour. Our outgoing member moves out and can choose between the cash offer they were guaranteed or the opportunity to maintain a fractional equity stake in the home and let it appreciate without having to do anything else.

A person can bleed to death in 5-8 minutes. A 10-year study of battlefield deaths from 2001-2011 concluded that 879 preventable deaths occurred where the warfighter died of hemorrhage. On the homefront, data from the National Center of Injury Prevention and Control show that over 2 million Americans have died from trauma since 2001. They estimate that 20% of trauma deaths are preventable, 30,000 annually.

Aggressive tourniquet use has been shown to significantly reduce deaths. But successful application of traditional, hand-wound tourniquets requires training and practice. Timing, speed, and force are central issues. Automation of the tourniquet offers a path to a rapid, more effective lifesaving response. OLGS is developing an automated tourniquet for warfighters and first responders. It is an intuitive device that works with the push of a button and does not require extensive training to use.

Our business is a digital platform that provides vetted, veteran employees who are mentally stable and are guaranteed to stay with the company for over a year. We do this by providing the veterans with holistic, curated, high-impact veteran resources that align with their passions, needs, and interests so they can thrive in their work and personal lives. We are a double-sided platform consisting of three databasesa resource database, a veteran database, and a job database.

Veteran Leadership Panel

  • When

    Wednesday, May 25, 2022
    9:00-11:00 AM

  • Where

    101 Seaport Blvd
    Boston, MA 02210

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine” or “Airborne All The Way” are famous phrases to the Marines and airborne soldiers, but what do they mean as Veterans transition out of the service and begin to build a new foundation and career in the civilian marketplace?

Each year, InnoVets Boston and Mass Fallen Heroes present a panel of Veteran and business leaders who have experienced deep cultural transformations and made the changes necessary to create not only dynamic changes in their lives but in their professional fields and businesses.

Veteran Entrepreneur Series

  • When

    A restart of this event is currently being planned.

  • Where

    Mass Fallen Heroes
    12 Channel St. Suite 703
    Boston, MA

  • More Information

    These meetings are informal. Beer and wine will be available.

Series is free and open to the public. Please register for the night(s) you wish to attend by visiting our events calendar.

The Veteran Entrepreneur Series is designed to connect, inspire, and support military veterans in their efforts to start companies, operate businesses, and navigate the path of entrepreneurship. This event is a regular gathering of military veterans and the Boston entrepreneurship and innovation community.

This series is open to the public with a content that is geared toward:

  • Student veterans
  • Transitioning military
  • Budding entrepreneurs
  • Startup/early-stage business founders
  • Growing business owners
  • Social entrepreneurs

The Veteran Entrepreneur Series is a platform to help veterans navigate the startup stage, educate aspiring entrepreneurs on resources to support growth, provide networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, invigorate veterans in the innovation economy, offer an entrepreneurial path to trained leaders and problem solvers.

Annual Pitch Competition

Returning November 2021!

InnoVets Boston and Massachusetts Fallen Heroes host an annual competition in which local Veteran and Gold Star Family businesses pitch for their chance to win $10,000 in prizes.

There’s a massive amount of energy and support for startups working to impact their communities. The InnoVets competition has become a catalysis for this support, providing participating startups an opportunity for disruptive growth and success.

InnoVets celebrates emerging entrepreneurship with a fast-paced pitch competition featuring early-stage startups.